Creating Warmer Homes And Limiting Climate Change


The benefits of warmer homes include –

  • Higher level of thermal comfort
  • Less condensation due to difference in internal and external temperatures
  • Healthier living conditions
  • Less respiratory and pneumonia illnesses
  • Lower heating bills
  • Lengthens life of building fabric
  • Reduces emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for global warming

Step 1 Identify source(s) of heat loss

  • Radiators – cold areas so poor heat transfer
  • Ventilation – drafts around windows and doors
  • Loft – less than 300 mm of mineral wool insulation
  • External walls – post 1945 – cavity between courses not insulated
  • External walls – pre 1945 – external or internal insulation not fitted
  • Single rather than double glazed

Step 2 Reduce heat loss in terms of increasing cost

  • Radiators – bleed to release trapped gases; then ensure that heating engineer adds 250 cc inhibitor/descaler to central heating water when servicing boiler – take advantage of Vexo’s free offer at for a limited time period
  • Ventilation – fit draft excluder to window and door frames – available at any local DIY shop like Kings
  • Loft – install or increase level of mineral fibre insulation to 300 mm
  • External walls – post 1945 – insulate cavity with mineral fibre
  • Windows – replace single by double glazing in rooms most used first
  • External walls – pre 1945 – externally insulate with at least 50 mm insulation – consult local supplier like Insta Group

For more information go to or consult your local Citizens Advice Bureau regarding availability of grants.