Evolution Of The Neighbourhood Plan

Compiled by Vice Chair Rayner Mayer

What Is A Neighbourhood Plan?

Wildflower meadow near Potley Hill School

Neighbourhood Plans form the third tier of the National Policy Planning Framework whose purpose is to promote sustainable development . This is commonly defined as development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

 The YDF Neighbourhood Plan will sit under the Local Plan of Hart District Council and will provide planning guidance on how our Parish should evolve over the next decade.

Plan synopsis

This plan will provide planning guidance how our area should evolve over the next 15 years to:

  • improve our physical infrastructure
  • reduce the impact that our lifestyle and energy use have on the environment
  • ensure that any new developments meet the needs of our existing settlements

The YDF plan covers the area shaded in light pink in the image which covers the Yateley Parish and the neighbourhoods of Yateley, Darby Green and Frogmore.

Consulting residents

Yateley Green

 The YDF’s residents were consulted 4 times during drafting of the Plan including a Survey which was delivered to every household during February 2020. Comments were sought on the following policies of the initial Plan –

  • Protecting the environment
  • Enhancing the infrastructure
  • Improving housing provision
  • Reducing the impact of transport
  • Promoting leisure facilities
Flooding Consultation

Incorporating residents comments

For almost all the policy proposals there was a general acceptance by around 90% of those who responded.

 These comments and suggestions were incorporated into the initial draft which clarified and strengthened the proposed policies

Climate change poster competition

Over the winter of 2019/20, students in all the Yateley Schools were invited to design a poster to illustrate our changing climate and what was required to limit climate change. In excess of 1000 entries were received and the best entries were displayed at two public exhibitions which launched the 2020 Residents Survey

Climate Change Exhibition
Climate Change Poster
Climate Change Poster

The Submission Plan

The Submission Plan was delivered to Hart District Council in November 2021 who initiated a further period of consultation. This further set of comments together with the Submission Plan was delivered to the Planning Inspector in January 2022.

The Plan comprises a set of 15 policy guidelines, with an introductory text to each policy to provide the context and background of how each policy has been evolved

Planning Inspector’s Conclusions

The Plan is an exceptionally good example of a neighbourhood plan. It is beautifully written and presented. It includes a variety of policies and seeks to bring forward positive and sustainable development in the neighbourhood area. It adds value to the policies in the adopted Local Plan.

 The Plan has been underpinned by community support and engagement. It is clear that all sections of the community have been engaged in its preparation.

 As the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group accepted a series of recommended modifications as set out in the Inspector’s report, the Inspector concluded that the Plan has met all the necessary legal requirements and should proceed to referendum.