Yateley Green Pond by Gordon Young

Title: Local Wildlife Examples

Posted By:  Gill Gray

Posted On:  20 December 2018

The Yateley area is rich in local wildlife and the Open Spaces And Wildlife group of the Yateley, Darby Green And Frogmore Neighbourhood Plan is looking at ways to build protection into the plan for our wildlife.

If protecting our local environment and wildlife is something that is close to your heart, why not consider joining us to help out. Check the diary on our website or ‘Like’ our Facebook page to be kept up to date with meetings and news.

Thanks to Simon Bool, a local photographer, for the photos below which show some of the amazing wildlife that we have in open spaces in the Yateley, Darby Green And Frogmore locality. Tell us what you see in these places and what you enjoy about them…

A fox at Moor Green Lakes

A Gosling at Horseshoe Lake

A Red Kite. This one is at Arborfield, but Red Kites often fly over the Yateley area

A Robin at Moor Green Lakes

A Roe Deer on Yateley Common

A Sparrowhawk at Yateley

A pair of swans at Swan Lake Park

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