In conjunction with the Town Council, the Steering Group has agreed upon a restructure in order to improve our governance and efficiency. We have decided to have a Steering Group of reduced size, consisting of the Chair, Vice-chair, the Town Clerk and a Town Council representative – Councillor Graham Cockarill has been nominated to be the YTC representative.  This group will manage budgets, any external consultancy work, and ensure appropriate alignment between the volunteer groups.
We will then have two volunteer groups – the first will address the climate change content that has been such a prominent part of our research and discussion in recent months. The Town Council are also setting up a group to look at Climate Change, so we expect these two groups to merge and work as a single group to promote climate change activity in Yateley.
The second group will be a Neighbourhood Plan volunteer group, which will look at the specific questions that will need to be covered by the eventual Neighbourhood plan.  At the same time, we are in the process of engaging an expert planning consultant who will help to steer that group to produce a document that will need the particular needs of the planning inspectorate and legal planning policy.   .