Climate change poster exhibition, 29 Feb 2020

As part of Yateley, Darby Green and Frogmore’s Neighbourhood Plan, a climate change poster exhibition was held on February 29 at Yateley School. Out of the 1000 posters submitted by students from 7 local schools, 150 of these posters were displayed which expressed students’ concerns about climate change and their proposals for limiting its impact. Some of the messages were very clear and were captured by the sentiment ‘The climate is changing so why aren’t we’.

It is clear that these students realise the threat that climate change pose and therefore have suggested ways in which each of us can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions which are responsible for global warming.

The Town Mayor, Cllr Gerry Crisp, launched Yateley’s Resident Survey which is the second step in developing Yateley, Darby Green and Frogmore’s Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan covers 18 policy areas and will provide planning guidance as to how its residents would like their settlements to evolve over the next 15 years.

Local community groups were also represented including Yateley library which like all libraries in Hampshire are subject to a consultation about how to reduce the cost of library service because of the deficit in Hampshire’s budget.

Policy proposals include maintaining gaps between settlements, minimising the risk of flooding by preventing any further development in areas lying within the 1 in 100 year flood plain, reversing the decline in biodiversity by green planning and encouraging local generation of electricity and heat.

The draft Plan and Annex can be accessed at from our Spring 2020 Public Survey page. Once adopted in a referendum, YDF’s Neighbourhood Plan will sit under the Local Plan of Hart District Council and will have legal status.