Documents related to the consultation process

Spring 2020 Public Survey Analysis

As part of the public consultation, the Steering Group launched a public Survey on 29 February 2020 – our second public consultation.

The aim of this was to solicit feedback from local residents and use the opinions expressed to modify the draft Neighbourhood Plan to ensure it is a true reflection of the public’s aspirations for a neighbourhood plan.

For full details of the survey, see our Spring 2020 Survey.

For the analysis of the submission, see our Spring 2020 Survey Analysis

Draft Tender For Consultancy

Draft Tender For Consultancy

Presentation to Yateley Society

A copy of the presentation given to Yateley Society members January 2020

Spring 2020 Public Survey

Public consultation on the draft plan

Phase 1 Survey report

Report on the results from the public consultation held as part of Phase 1 of the project

Draft Questionnaire, Phase 1

This document is to be used for the first phase of the public consultation – defining the desired objectives.